April 2012: It's all about the money

A 10YearsAfter to mark the Financial New Year!

Here's an interesting piece about how New Year's day used to be March 25th and called Lady Day: a possible origin of the early April date for the start/end of the Fiscal Year?

This may have been a good topic to talk about during the show but there was not enough time. Not enough time because of the copious amount of music. Here's a track listing:

  1. I Need Money: Slim Harpo
  2. Because of Money: 3rd Generation Band
  3. Sold to the Highest Bidder: Electric Prunes
  4. Hard Time: Count Alert
  5. Oh Lord give Us More Money (my edit): Holger Czukay
  6. Calculator: Rogers Sisters
  7. You Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles
  8. Estate Sale: Eels
  9. Providence (intro only): Godspeed You Black Emperor
  10. The Imperial March (my edit): John Williams
  11. Cheepnis: Frank Zappa & The Mothers
  12. Money Make Friend: Yellow Man
  13. Waiakanaio: Led Kaapana
  14. One Nation Under A Groove: Funkadelic
  15. Zabadak: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich
  16. The New Soft Shoe: Gram Parsons
  17. Mind Over Money: Turin Brakes

December 2011

10YearsAfter, the most intermittent of radiocasts, is back with an hour of great tunes and mediocre small-talk about dead folk, books and, erm, Grosvenor Square.

december 2010 items

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